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F1, A7

45 mins


T-UP Climbing Gym 1F Tranning Zone


Tanbu Cultural Park Warehouse A

2024/04/20 15:25
2024/04/21 15:15

1(忘)LDK 野田容瑛ver.

1(忘)LDK ver.Yoeh Noda


《1(忘)LDK 野田容瑛ver.》是一部關於記憶的記錄、轉換與喪失的作品。野田講述的記憶是被一一記錄在薄紙和磁帶上,在每一次重疊中都會發生變化。野田的日本與台灣家人的個人記憶相互交融變幻在表演空間中。


"1(忘)LDK" is a performance project based on "Hojoki - tales of the 10 square foot hut", an 11th century text written by Buddhist monk Kamono Chomei. Inspired by the monk's account of life in self-isolation following an era of natural disasters and political corruption, Kyle Yamada and artist duo JeunesseWhite conducted research in Kyoto - where Chomei was based - and developed a set of instructions for artists to create a solo performance. The performance takes place in a 3 x 3m square space, mirroring the small makeshift house Chomei spent his final days in.

"1(忘)LDK ver.Yoeh Noda" is a performance about memory - how it is recorded, how it transforms, and how it is lost. The memories that Noda evokes on stage are recorded layer after layer on thin paper and cassette tapes, gradually changing form in each layer. Noda's memories surrounding her family in Japan and Taiwan are intertwined as they manifest within the performance space.

"Hello, can you hear me? I want to talk to you, right here, right now. Like about how there was cilantro in that pork bun I had 10 years ago. How I can still see it, and smell it. How I still remember it. I want to talk about things like that."

抗原劇場 × JeunesseWhite

Allergen Theatre × JeunesseWhite

抗原劇場 × JeunesseWhite是以東京和京都為據點的藝術家連攜同盟。


Allergen Theatre x JeunesseWhite is a collaboration by artist collectives that are based in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Allergen Theatre is a performing arts group based in Tokyo, led by playwright and director Kyle Yamada. They cherish creating theater that is sustainable on both an individual and social level. Their work aims to create experiences that challenge the audience's perception of their own bodily senses and spacetime. In their recent work, they have focused on adapting forgotten historical narratives through research into pre-modern sources, addressing contemporary societal issues with a blend of lyricism and humor.

JeunesseWhite is an art unit formed by Ako Katsura and Yoeh Noda. They initially began working as an attempt to collaborate despite living in different locales, creating a virtual shared studio in 2018 to nurture their respective artistic endeavors. They are currently based in Kyoto.

below: Megumi Oku

構想:山田凱爾 × JeunesseWhite
演出者:野田容瑛 (JeunesseWhite)

Concept : Kyle Yamada and JeunesseWhite
Instructions : Kyle Yamada
Performer : Yoeh Noda (JeunesseWhite)

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