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J4, R1

40 mins


Longshan Culture & Creative Base Black Box of Shinehouse Theatre


U mkt Patio

2024/04/20 19:30
2024/04/21 14:00

Gordian Knot



"Korean traditional intangible heritage, phenomenology of the body unraveling with knots”
“Afterimage of KNOT” is an interpretation of various knots that can be said to have begun with human history. We would like to interpret the meaning and metaphor of the knot, which is designated as a traditional Korean intangible heritage, through modern gestures.

Choreographic Intention:
By looking at Korean classics and traditions from a different perspective and attempting to combine modern thinking and dance language within their essence, we aim to research and implement new possibilities in Korean dance. Knots, which first appeared during the Three Kingdoms period, started out with practical functions such as fixing and transporting objects, but as the technology gradually developed, decorative functions were added. For a long time, knots have been closely related to our lives.The knot that connects the elements of Korean life embodies the aspects of Korean life.


JAJACK MOVMENT創立於2016年,由編舞家 Kim Yu-mi 領導。是一個以集體智慧、熱情和純真,三個協議為核心的自我創造組織。在2021年入選「Performing Arts Creation Center」年度新作後,於當年重整後重建。

編舞家:Kim yumi
Kim yumi是一名舞蹈家,以戲劇和哲學為基礎,用強調動作和想像力的現代舞蹈語言仔細解構韓國舞蹈並進行轉化。

2016 | 韓國世宗大學研究生院(舞蹈系)博士學位
2013 | 韓國世宗大學研究生院(表演藝術系)碩士學位
2005 | 北韓女子大學(舞蹈系)學士學位
Jajack movement代表

“Jajack movement” was established in 2016, led by choreographer Kim Yu-mi, is an organization that implies the meaning of self-making and has three agreements, <Collective Intelligence, Passion, and Innocence>, and was re-founded in 2021 when it was selected as “Performing Arts Creation Center’s New Work of the Year".
Dancers of various ages majoring in Korean dance are constantly attempting new forms of challenges to capture contemporaneity through meetings with various genres such as modern movements, video technology, and practical music, and continue to work by building their own forms of movement.

Choreographer : Kim yumi
Kim yumi is a dance artist who meticulously deconstructs Korean dance and transforms it using a modern dance language that emphasizes movement and imagination based on play and philosophy.
Education & Training :
2016 | Ph.D in Sejong University Graduate School (Department of Dance)
2013 | MA in Sejong University Graduate School (Department of Performing Arts)
2005 | BA in Sookmyung Women's University (Department of Dance)
Career & Teaching :
Representative of Jajack movement
Instructor of Korea National University of Arts (Department of Dance)
Instructor of Seoul Arts High School (Dance Department)


編舞/導演:kim yumi
舞者:Kim Hoyeon, Jeon Hyejeong, Kim Eungmin

Choreographer/Director:kim yumi
Dancer:Kim Hoyeon, Jeon Hyejeong, Kim Eungmin

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