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16 mins


Wan Theater

2024/04/20 16:30


此作品於2020年以階段性呈現方式發表最初版本,靈感來自於多重人格也稱人格分裂這個狀態,一個主體裡有著兩種不同性格的人,在主體裡共存、拉扯、爭奪,過程中是為了保護對方還是搶奪主要外在樣貌的那個人。 透過兩位舞者以肢體呈現視覺上的錯亂與刺激。在去年2023年增加裝置來限縮空間,嘗試在一個被壓縮得空間內,舞者能夠激發出什麼不同的樣貌,以及對於觀眾的角度來看是否會有更強烈的視覺感受,實驗在視覺上有更多的樣貌及可能性。

This work was initially presented in a phased manner in 2020, drawing inspiration from the condition of multiple personalities, also known as dissociative identity disorder. It explores the coexistence, tug-of-war, and competition between two different personalities within one individual—struggling to either protect or seize control of the primary outward appearance. Through the use of two dancers, the piece visually portrays the confusion and stimulation associated with this phenomenon. In the past year, in 2023, the addition of installations was introduced to constrict space. This experimentation aimed to discover how dancers could evoke different expressions within a compressed space and whether this would result in a more intense visual experience from the audience's perspective. The experiment sought to explore more facets and possibilities visually.


LO, Pei-Tzu



Worked with choreographers and theaters including Su Fang-yi, Huang Yi, Cheng Yi-wen, Story Works, and Sun Son Theatre.
Work piece "Habit" was awarded in Tai-Yi Dance Festival in 2019, and co-creation "Co-conscious" was invited by Stray Birds Dance Platform to create a new piece in 2022 Chiayi New Style Choreography "Hey! Look At Him" and "Co-conscious" was invited by Want to Dance Festival to Exchange Program in 2024.



Choreographer : LO Pei-Tzu
Dancer : Zeng Zi-Ying、LO Pei-Tzu

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