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Relationships, complexity, words spoken but hearts unspoken, companionship, adjustment, objects, physical, two people, repetition, narration, transformation, visuals, emotions, communication, abstraction, solitude, alienation, numbness, estrangement... Click to read more.


Liao Szu-Wei


高中時接觸街舞文化,大學才正式接受舞蹈科班訓練;創作以身體作為基石,在叩問生命的課題時,持續地與社會對話。近期作品《DROWN》獲2023德國斯圖加特國際獨舞大賽表演首獎;並受瑞士日內瓦芭蕾舞團現任藝術總監Sidi Larbi 讚譽且受邀以實習舞者身份參與舞團排練。曾參與第二屆漂鳥舞蹈平台並受邀至2021西班牙MASDANZA國際舞蹈節;也曾與身體處方、小事製作、藝術報國等團隊合作。

Originally from Taiwan, Szu-Wei is currently enrolled in the Dance Department at Taipei National University of the Arts, majoring in choreography. He has been performing and choreographing since 2017. During the course of his studies, he was profoundly edified by drama, cinema, dance, and Hip-Hop culture; hence formed an unparalleled bodily vocabulary. Recently enlightened by Performance Art, visual, Happening, and Conceptual Art, he proceeds to create with the body as the basis.

In 2023, Liao received the First Prize Dance and Grand Theater of Geneva for his creation "DROWN" during the International Solo Dance Theater Festival in Stuttgart, Germany. In 2020, his work "When We Separate, As Though Waking Up from a Dream" participate in the 2th Stray Birds Dance Platform, and in the next year was invited to participate in the showcase of the MASDANZA International Dance Festival, which was applauded unanimously by the local audience. During the same year, he also premiered his work "Message in a Bottle" at the National Taichung Theater.

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