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Contemporary, Street, Physical Theatre


Mirrorless Dance



In Search of Isness

★ 首演 Premiere

「Every action has a reaction. 」

疫情爆發至今兩年已經過去,我們失去什麼,得到什麼,對未來又可以期待些什麼呢? 我們如何應對突如其來的轉變? 我們還可以做些什麼,來回應這個世界?


在身體與感知的層次,接收行動並選擇是否應對及用什麼方式應對。 透過選擇與回應,在在貼近當下身體所需要的,觀照內在以誠實應對外界。 也許就能找到安放自己的處所,成為更好的我們。

Every action has a reaction.

Two years since the pandemic hit, what have we gained and lost? Could it be a series of things people did that led to this reality? If so, how do we react to it? How do we envision our future?

This is a structured improvisation experiment. The three dancers sense the outer world and their impulse to decide whether to act on, and how to react. Through the process of listening to our instincts and needs, we may find isness within.



無鏡曾與洛杉磯音樂家Tam Visher、希臘樂團Paradox Obscur合作舞蹈影像之音樂錄影帶。至今已累積創作38支舞蹈影像作品。

Mirrorless Dance is a dance film production company founded in 2021, born from the desire to deepen the relationship between body, mind and storytelling. We developed an interest in how the medium of film could enable us to convey story through movements and explore thoughts and feelings with genuine bodies.

Among the vast works that have been released, Mirrorless Dance has created dance-film music videos for L.A.-based artist Tam Visher and Paradox Obscur, a band in Greek.

This work is an collaboration between choreographer/dancer Hsin Ho, Szu-Hao Cheng and Wen-Yi Wu.


Choreographer and Dancer: Hsin Ho, Szu-Hao Cheng, Wen-Yi Wu
Sound Design: Sheng-Yang Su

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