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Jun-De Liu

The dance you never understand

Dance is hard to understand? Let's dance and talk about it in the most relaxed way possible, and let's practice watching the dance together! Dance practice!


Double & Cross Theater Group

Love, it's Happening

Please forgive me if I wasted your time.
Man and woman, female and male, we question our own bodies from the intimate relationships we have been went through. Who are you? Who is the one you love? How to re-identify ourselves through various loves? The body will be a new existence of experiencing and presenting.


Yu-Chen Chang

1-1 In Between

Relationship can induce tension only upon our mutual consent.


LO Pei-Tzu & KANG Hao-Chu


Same body but different limbs... As we find balance in symbiosis, the difference in personality, the formation of self-identity, the awareness and understanding of one another’s existence, causes it to split.


LU SHAO KO - Encyclo Production Group

moody coffee

Sit down and have a cup of coffee in a coffee shop, and see different people around you: some are chatting happily with friends, some are sulking by themselves, and some are doing their own things busily alone in the corners. All of these seem familiar to me. I am just like those people. Now where are my emotions ? Have they been hidden in the endless deep ditch of my mind ? Can I still find out what I have lost?


0471 Acro Physical Theatre


《HEY NOW》challenges our physical ability by the combination of a male and a female. We make the close two hearts mixed into one individual, tying to each other with every move, synchronizing our breaths, and listening and responding with open hearts in the same time space.


Margarita Tseng X Afra Lin

Migratory Red

Human being got lost in the moment when they are born.
Searching the lost self in the dark.
Allowing to lower down a ladder within yourself.
Deepening to the bottom.
Awakening various layers of the sleeping memory of the cell.
The body become the vessel,
Connecting visible and invisible world.


Feng Dance Company


Sun and moon, stillness and movement, male and female, spirit and form. Yin and Yang generally refer to all the two opposite and interrelated aspects of nature. Yin and Yang are the foundation of the relationship between the universe , human beings , gender, society and life.


Tsai Yu-Shan & Lee Hsin-Ping


Body Move Bowl
Bowl Bowl Move
Bowl~ Move~ Bowl~ Move~

We talk and communicate beyond language.
Trying to connect the body, sound and vibration.
Toning the body and mind in the presence.

Both of us follow the feeling of the body in the moment.
Communicating by singing bowls and dancing.



Because of you

Love, the most complicated and abstract thing in the world, acting as the most important role between everyone we care about. I love you . Everything I did for you is because I love you, but at the same time, do the one being loved by you feel exact the same way as you? "I could do anything for you.” , “Anything I did for you is for your own good.” … all these thoughts only came from one side’s fantasy and you caused enormous pressure towards the loved one unconsciously . The opposite of love is harm. There is just a fine line between love and harm.

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