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Jun-De Liu

The dance you never understand

Dance is hard to understand? Let's dance and talk about it in the most relaxed way possible, and let's practice watching the dance together! Dance practice!


Tan Pipk Ning

I was dead

"The most painful part was to pretend that I’m fine in front of everyone."



12 articulations

“12 Articulations’’ means human body’s symmetrical joints, like elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles.
To emphasize that as a human beings, “emotions” are all come from body awareness.


Liu Oi Ki


If sexual desire is the instinct and spiritual needs of human beings, is it still the sin that people can easily generalize moral culture?
And when the desire for sex goes to extremes, causing disease, moral decay, physical and spiritual destruction, does it turn into our torture tool?
Under desire, where is the sentence from sin and not sin?



Soft Places

The red light can't brighten the outline
The night can't survive the wine
Drunk life can't flow out love
Immerse or escape from death dream



Experiment of Soul

In the era of the epidemic, our relatives or friends who live close to each other have less chance to meet in this age of COVID-19. Time gradually weakens the relationship between each other and creates a gap between people. There is little contact between each other, and the distance between each other’s hearts is gradually increased, and even doubts, or is this just an illusion? Perhaps in the eyes of bystanders, this is an experiment, and we are just their guinea pigs for peeking into their hearts.
In this work, I hope to make Leap exist not only in the action, but also to focus on the bounce between each person's relationship. This is both a flow and a network of relationships between people during the epidemic.


Ju-chen Chi


Connection is nutrient, is restriction, is autonomous, is passive.


Feng Dance Company


Sun and moon, stillness and movement, male and female, spirit and form. Yin and Yang generally refer to all the two opposite and interrelated aspects of nature. Yin and Yang are the foundation of the relationship between the universe , human beings , gender, society and life.



Be human

“We are forced into this human factory from the moment we are born.”
Modern humans grow up under the eyes of society, its words moulding us into unconsciously becoming the society’s definition of a “successful person”. And so we grow up into “adults”. Into “humans”.
Red is the color that “humans” hide away, starting from the moment they are born.


Ching-Yi, Hsing、Ya-Lan, Hsing


The Iceberg Theory of Virginia Satir, divided human’s inside and outside into two parts-above the water line and under the water line. Which above the water line is call behavior, under the water line there are coping, feelings, feelings about feelings, perceptions, expectations, yearnings and self. Stagger the under parts from self in the lecture hall, they build up to a coping stance and show the behavior.


Tsai Yu-Shan & Lee Hsin-Ping


Body Move Bowl
Bowl Bowl Move
Bowl~ Move~ Bowl~ Move~

We talk and communicate beyond language.
Trying to connect the body, sound and vibration.
Toning the body and mind in the presence.

Both of us follow the feeling of the body in the moment.
Communicating by singing bowls and dancing.



no more normal

In ordinary days, we try to break through the sensory framework, leap over the boundary between daily and non-daily, and let the energy inside our bodies pulsate in space in various ways.


0471 Acro Physical Theatre


《HEY NOW》challenges our physical ability by the combination of a male and a female. We make the close two hearts mixed into one individual, tying to each other with every move, synchronizing our breaths, and listening and responding with open hearts in the same time space.


The Double Theatre

Project of Choreographing Stories Skip Stitch (Public!)

Skip Stich derived from the performance Go! Go! And BEYOND! at 2019. The performers consisted of a group of women exploring their identity and role of different stages of life.


Huang Hsiao Chieh

Simon Says

“Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.”
Kahlil Gibran


Chih-Chia Huang

無 ⇄ 名

To see the afterimages of generations through the reflections in the broken mirror, to dance with the time and spaces in the past and let the dance steps lead us into the future.
Collaborative Dance film project“無 ⇄ 名”, focus on the interactions between Body/Dance and camera, and the creative sparkles in the process. Base on Chinese philosophy- Wuxing(Five phases), to create different imaginary characters and stories which echo different characteristics of spaces in the Huajiang residential community.


Margarita Tseng X Afra Lin

Migratory Red

Human being got lost in the moment when they are born.
Searching the lost self in the dark.
Allowing to lower down a ladder within yourself.
Deepening to the bottom.
Awakening various layers of the sleeping memory of the cell.
The body become the vessel,
Connecting visible and invisible world.


Yu-Chen Chang

1-1 In Between

Relationship can induce tension only upon our mutual consent.


Emotional Machine/Yuxin Guo

Foolish Dark Light- Memory Erasing Soup

Gradually growing up, the death of my relatives made me encounter the tradition of Taiwanese funeral rituals, which is like a busy dream for the living. What about the deceased?
Reincarnation seems to be a process of life tossing and leaping forward, but before sublimation, who can decisively let go of all the thoughts of decades before death?
With the choreography of modern dance, I walked into Taiwan's folklore and etiquette tradition, and talked about a lonely and hesitating thought...


GATHER - Li, Chih-Yin & Chang, Yen

Gathering Place

The covid widens the distance between the tangible and the intangible and also destroys the beauty, goodness, and innocence of people.
When stepping into this space and meeting us, let us use our innate temperature to find the most familiar human touch~


Hsiang Yu Chan

Gather & Scatter

Every seemingly chance encounter is the start of an inevitable story. When each story comes to an end, we are left with feelings that linger in our bodies and memories. In this performance created with a contemporary ballet vocabulary, performers use their bodies to illustrate the feelings behind the meetings and partings in life, listening to one another's breathing in every moment of coexistence and harmony.


Wang Yu Ling

Ào lù

The posture of mythical beasts is like being proud of the development of human science and technology, the plague is like a cold winter that freezes the world, the sorrow and anger of the beasts cry for the earth, the loneliness after breathing is ushered in the recovery of all things, and the washing of the feminine phase merged with the energy of nature turns into a miracle. Horn, where does the warm dawn wake up?


LU SHAO KO - Encyclo Production Group

moody coffee

Sit down and have a cup of coffee in a coffee shop, and see different people around you: some are chatting happily with friends, some are sulking by themselves, and some are doing their own things busily alone in the corners. All of these seem familiar to me. I am just like those people. Now where are my emotions ? Have they been hidden in the endless deep ditch of my mind ? Can I still find out what I have lost?

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